CAYM Executive Team

Arby Kane

CAYM President
Geologist| ASM & CSM Expert

Country: Mauritania

CAYM President’s Message

The African youth strongly believes in borderless Africa so do minerals that are trans-boundaries. Therefore, we want to ensure the African perspective in minerals development, through solidarity, integration, implementation of strategic policies,programs and pooled sovereignty on critical issues of continental and global dimensions.

The role of the Council (CAYM) is to ensure linking and strengthening relevant minerals institutions at the national and grassroots levels to deliver on Africa Mining Vision for integrated growth; promoting knowledge-based minerals sector through domestication of AMV instruments; improving minerals resources governance; leveraging on minerals value addition and economic diversification, and managing Africa’s transition to green energy.

Other Executives

Mecktilder M.M

2nd VP & Head, continental operations & Diaspora Affairs

Profession: Strategist & Mineral Value Addition Expert

Country: Tanzania

John Youhanes Magok

3rd VP & Head, Partnership & Strategic Planning

Profession: Mining Engineer

Country: South Sudan

Rahema Patricks

Head of Programs & management

Profession: Development practitioner| Law Studen

Country: Malawi

Anengbah Florence

Head, Research Development &
Capacity Building

Profession: Geologist| Masters Student| Public policy

Country: Cameroon

Afosi Taliat

Head of Information and

Profession: Mining Engineer

Country: Nigeria

Our Call To Action

We are driven to reviving the Pan- African Values to Forge a Continental Model of Sustainable Development and Transformation Through Minerals-led Growth.